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Rider Updates

Mar 17 2022

Hi Everybody!  Xtreme FX is taking 15 riders to the Georgia Offroad Adventures Park tonight!! Lets get the Racing Season Started!!! Braaaaaaaap!

Jan 14 2022

I just got back from riding in Durhamtown and Florida for 2 weeks!  It felt amazing to ride everyday again! I hate the winter up in Canada! lol! luckily I have my bikes studded up again so I can ride!!

Oct 14 2021

Hello Everybody! what an awesome racing season I`ve had so far!  finally got my 2022 KX250 and 450s!!! loving the bikes!!! there`s a few more races this season! wish me luck!

Dec 8 2020

Good Morning Everybody!  I just picked up my new 2021 KX450!!!!  I`m picking up my new 2021 KX250 today!!!

Oct 16 2020

I`m so excited my long time dream has finally came true!! Myself and Guy Riendeau just purchased the old Xtreme FX!!!  The new name is Xtreme FX by Riendeau and Dixon inc!!! We are a Kawasaki and Suzuki Dealership!!!

Jun 22 2020

I`m having an Incredible year so far! Just had my 1st Fathers Day with my Twins!! I`m feeling awesome on the new bike!!!  It just sucks I can`t cross the border right now to race in the States:(

Nov 18 2019

I had an Amazing Year of racing! Best year so far! The racing season is now done for me:( I got my bikes all set up for Winter Riding now with the Trelleborg Studded Tires! Yay Winter! lol! Can`t wait to head down south to ride!!!

Sep 6 2019

It`s been an amazing racing season this year! Feeling awesome on the bike and getting faster! I pick up my new 2020 KX450 Monday! Can`t Wait!!  I even had Twins a month ago! Braaaaaaap!

May 16 2019

Awesome Start to the 2019 Racing Season for me! Feeling great on the new Bike! Raced down in Ohio this past weekend and won all of my 6 Races! 10 Racers in the Expert Class alone!

Feb 5 2019

Racing season is almost hear!!!  I`ve been able to ride 3 times a week all Winter with these Awesome Studded Tires I bought! Durhamtown bound in a week!!!!  Cant Wait!!

Aug 16 2018

I`m having a great start to the 2018 season so far! I`ve been down south a couple times this winter to keep in shape! The weather is starting to get nice up here already! I`ve been able to ride at least 3 times a week! I plan to race more this year that's for sure! The club is going strong also and we are scheduling a bunch of races there to!

I`m so excited for tomorrow cause we leave for Florida for 9 days so I plan to get a lot of riding in!!!

My Florida Trip was Awesome!!  I got tons of riding in and I feel great!!!  Can`t wait till our season starts!!!

The season couldn't be going any better! Feeling awesome on the Bikes! Riding a ton! Winning a bunch of Races! I have a few Pro Nationals I will be trying to qualify at also!

I just got the new 2019 KX450F!!!  This Bike is amazing!! Definitely going to be cutting my lap times down!!!