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Personal History

My name is Brad Dixon and I started racing at the age of 15 years old and I qualified to become a 250 Pro Licensed Rider in 1999 and I`ve been racing ever since! I started riding at a Motorcycle Club in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada and I`ve been a member of Erie Ramblers Motorcycle Club (E.R.M.C.) ever since I started riding and I owe a lot to the club! We have a bunch of guys from the club that were top riders in Motocross, Hare Scrambles and even flat track and I learned a lot from them. I`ve been the President there for 4 years now and I couldn`t imagine not being a part of the club that encourages the sport of motorcycle riding! I`m sure I`ll be riding for the rest of my life because I couldn`t imagine not riding. I even run a motocross school for the kids of our club and friends also and I`ve been running that for 12 years now. I have great support from my parents, Wife and Step Daughters because I know I couldn`t have gotten as far as I have without them! I had a lot of success in the late 1990`s all the way to the mid 2000`s when unfortunately, I had the most horrific crash of my life and I couldn’t ride my bike for almost 2 years. It was a long and hardrecovery but I pulled through, conquered a lot of obstacles, and got back on my bike as soon as I was able to. Now, I race almost every weekend and I continue to ride 3-4 times a week!! Motocross is my addiction and my passion and I will continue to ride for as long as I am physically able to!

Riding Goals

To stay competitive and to keep on riding for as long as I can!

Competitive Highlights

1992 Became an Erie Ramblers Member

1994-2015 E.R.M.C. 2 hour MX race winner

1996-2013 E.R.M.C. Superbikers Champion

1997 16-24 D-14 AMA State Champion

1997 MRA Intermediate 250 Class Winner

1998 MRA Expert 250 Class Winner

1998 AMA District 14 250B 2nd Place

1998 AMA District 11 250B Indoor Series Class Winner

1998 Marion, OH. Coliseum Indoor Series 250B MX Champion

1999 AMA District 14 250A 5th Place

1999 AMA District 15 250A 3rd Place

1999 AMA District 11 250A Indoor Series 2nd Place

1999 Turned Pro

2000 Walton Canadian Pro National 19th Place in Main Event

2002 Red Bud, MI. AMA Pro National

2002 Binghamton, NY. AMA Pro National

2002 Steel City, PA. AMA Pro National

2004 Red Bud, MI. AMA Pro National

2007-2014 E.R.M.C. MX series Race Winner in the “A” Class

2008 World Enduro Canada 3rd Place Pro Class

2009 Grand Prix 30+ A Class Champion

2010 World Enduro Canada 1st Place Pro Class

2011 Grand Prix 30+ A Class Champion

2012 World Enduro Canada 1st Place Pro Class

2013 World Enduro Canada 2nd Place Pro Class

2013 MRA Ironman Class Winner

2014 MRA Ironman Class Winner

2015 Best in the Desert “Vegas to Reno” 30+Expert Class Winner

2015 Erie Ramblers Superbikers Champ

2015 Baja 1000 2nd Place finish in the 30 Pro Class

2016 Erie Ramblers Superbikers Champ

2016 Sandusky Valley Riders-2 hour Hare Scrambles Race

2016 I.S.D.E Team Canada Finisher

2017 Superbikers Champ

2017 TVR Expert Champ

2017 2 Hour MX Champ

2017 Ironman Champ

2017 Multiple "A" Class Wins for MI./OH./IN.

2018 TVR Expert Champ

2018 TVR Masters Champ

2018 Superbikers Champ

2018 2 Hour MX Champ

2018 MRA Ironman Open Pro Class Champ

2018 E.R.M.C. 250 and 450 Expert Class Winner

2018 Multiple "A" MX Wins for MI./OH./IN. AMA

2018 Durhamtown Pro Class Winner

2018 SVR Expert Hare Scrambles Class Winner

2019 Multiple "A" MX Wins for MI./IN./OH.

2019 E.R.M.C. 2 hour MX Champ

2019 E.R.M.C. 250A, 450A and 40A Class Champ

2019 MRA Ironman Open Pro Class Champ

2019 Durhamtown 30A and 40A Class Champ

2019 SVR Harescrambles Champ

2019 TVR Open Pro, 30A and 40A Class Champ

2019 Erie Ramblers Superbikers Champ