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Personal History

     Hello, I grew-up in Harvard, IL, a small town in Northern IL.  Living on 6 acres, my brothers and I started riding 4-wheelers and snowmobiles for fun, when we were young.  When I was 12, I went to my first motocross race to watch my cousin.  I was hooked on MX from the first moto I stood there and watched.  After 8 months of asking my parents for a dirt-bike, my uncle ended-up buying me a '89 YZ80 from an auction.  After riding around my dad's corn-field for a month, I was ready to go racing!  At the age of 13, I finished second to last in my first race, in the 80SR. class.  Although, that day finished first in the list of all-time best days of my life!  It wasn't untill 1 and 1/2 years later that I won my first race on a '99 YZ125, in C class.  Now 11yrs. later, I have worked my way up through the ranks of class divisions and knowledge.  I've won several times in every division I've competed, although none at the national level. 

     My most recent and greatest challenge has been over-coming a shattered femur.  I was planning on constesting the '05-'06 Arenacross schedule, in hopes of earning my SX pro license.  However, my second race, the third of the tour in Rockford, IL, I crashed over the finish-line double in front of my friends and family.  My local race less than a hour from my hometown, I laied on the arena floor with a shattered femur.  It took me 14 months and 4 surgeries to walk on my own.  It has been 2 and 1/2 yrs. since then, and I have only raced twice.  Also, I have only rode a few several times since then.  However, that has been due to the fact that I started my career as a MX Race Tech.!  Starting my own business, Fisher Motorsports, in the fall of 2006.  I was mostly helping local riders.  Then, I had the oppurtunity to work for Bryan White during the 2007 Supercross season, as part of the Wonder Warthog Team.  In Sept. of 2007, I made the move to the Millsaps Training Facility to work for a 80 rider from Ohio.  That kept me employed to the Mini O's in November.  A month later, New Year's weekend, I made the move to Port Orange, FL to work for Adam Cianciarulo.  After 6 months and 7 amateur titles, we parted ways.  Now, I am a Sales Rep for Western Powersports and still oppurate my business by working on local racer's bikes on the side.

     Outside of racing, I competed in 6 different school sactioned sports.  The longest being football, which I played every fall for 11 years.  The last year was in college as part of a scholarship.  I then went on to attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, from '04 to '05.


Riding Goals

I have several goals for the '09 race season.  First, the main short-term goal for me is to get a solid foundation for my program.  That includes getting my body strong, my speed/technique great, and to get a group of sponsors/people that will support my efforts.  Second, I plan on racing the Mini O's, Loretta Lynn's, Amateur AX/US Open, and also the Florida Winter Am's and Gold Cup Series.  Also, depending on the schedule the TX amateur nationals, Branson USA national, and the several other major regional events.  All of which to place in the top 3, if not win!  Finally, my overall goal next year is to earn my Pro License, by competing in Pro/AM events.

Competitive Highlights

-'99 125C Wisconsin State Stadium MX Champion

-2 time Lake County Fair 250 Amateur Champion

-'02 250 Intermediate U.S. Open 11th place

-'03 250B Wisconsin State Stadium Champion

-'03 250 Intermediate Amateur Supercross Champion

-'05 250 Expert Amateur Supercross Champion