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Personal History

My name is Blake Kerns. I am located in Dayton, Ohio. The reason I ride is because I love it, there is no feeling comparable to being a bike. I got my first bike when i was 9 years old, it was a 2007 Suzuki RM85 and i loved it. I didn't start racing until 2009 I had friends who raced and once I started riding with them I realized I wanted to give it a shot and I was instantly hooked on it. My parents didn't really want to spend the money on it because they didn't love it as much as I did. I did 2 full years of racing and then after that it was about 4-6 times a year. This past year of 2013 I had some family issues and struggles and I wasnt able to race at all and I only got to ride 1 time. It was horrible you don't realize how much you enjoy something until its gone. I couldn't take it anymore so recently I bought me a 2014 YZ250F and have been riding and I plan on racing a lot this year and bringing back those good times. I got my own truck and a pretty nice welding job so I plan on riding/racing as much as my wallet can afford. The motivation I have now is way more intense than it was back then.

Riding Goals

My riding goals are to ride as often as I can and do what it takes to keep getting faster. Also to have some wins in B class

Competitive Highlights

2009 Ohio Southwestern MX Series I finished 5th overall in 80 Sr. (12-15) and 6th overall in Supermini

2011 Ohio Southwestern MX Series I finished 6th overall in 250C and 7th overall in Open C

2012 Ohio Southwestern MX Series I finished 10th overall in 250C and Open C. Only did 4 races in the series that year.