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Personal History

I'm 7 years old (I just turned 7 on Mar 7th) and I love motocross! I started racing last year and will race almost every race of the 2008 CAMS circuit. I love sports, too, and am playing baseball for the Taylorville Angels. We just started practicing so I'm not sure what position I'll play but we have a great team this year! This is my first year in the machine pitch league (a pitching machine throws balls at 39 mph!) and man it's fun. Unfortunately, some of my baseball games and motocross races conflict, so I'll be missing 1 or 2 races.

I have my own website ( that my parents started before I was even born (cool huh?). I use this site to post the latest happenings in my life, from motocross events to sports seasons and more. Currently my motocross site is under development, so keep watching...

I'll be racing two bikes this year: a 2006 KTM 50cc Sr with the #88 plate and a 2001 Honda XR50 with the #8 plate. I'll be racing the #88 KTM in two classes, the 50cc 7-9 class and the 50cc Open. I'll then be racing the #8 Honda in one class, the Small 4-Stroke class. I'm looking forward to a fun season!

I'm currently sponsored by AMSOIL and I'm looking for sponsors in a variety of areas. Here's the list:
 1. Clothing
 2. Helmet
 3. Goggles
 4. Boots
 5. Gloves
 7. Tires
 8. Fuel
 9. Chains
10. Plastics
11. Exhaust
12. Grips
13. Handlebars
14. Shoes
15. Hat
16. Sunglasses
17. Other sponsor opportunities

I promote my sponsors on my mxsponsor site, my sponsorhouse site and my own personal site. Both sites generate excellent traffic and visitation info for each are available upon request. I also promote my sponsors at all my race events and practices with flags, signs, stickers, and whatever else the sponsor makes available.  I'm also developing a myspace, facebook, and other sites to help promote my events and my sponsors.

Riding Goals

I'm racing 17 races in the Central Alabama Series this year and my goals are to win the holeshot and first in all my races. I'd like to win the championship in my classes and move on to the next level!

Oh yeah, and I want to be the GOAT!

Competitive Highlights

Blake Ander won a holeshot and earned a podium finish at the first race of the CAMS (Central Alabama Motocross Series) race at Noah's Motosports Park on March 2nd. Pictured is Blake (middle) with his pit crew, Frank Ander (left) and Matt Ander (right). Not pictured is team manager Jill Ander.
MX Race at Noah's MX Park - 3/2/08