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Personal History


My name actual name is William Moffatt but everyone calls me Bj, I am 30yrs old with 2 boys ages 4 and 2 with a long time girlfriend for almost 14yrs now. We live in my hometown Worsley Alberta Canada and have just recently built a motocross track in our back yard. This past year 2009 we hosted 2 cery successful races the first ever in Worsley. The attendence  for the first race was 512 people that we could account for. The second was even bigger with 826 people that including riders and spectators that had been at the event. Boy was I glad that day was over. But we had lots of local help and with a good crew we where able to get it done.

Riding Goals

My Goals

I would like to place in the top 5 in the Canadian ArenaCross series in Chilliwak in the 250 Junior and 125 Junior Classes. Win the Vet Junior Class at ArenaCross 2009-2010 series.

2010 Outdoor Pma series finish top 5 in the Intermediate Class

2010 Outdoor CMRC Alberta Provincials Finish top 3 in MX1 Junior and MX2 Junior.

2010 Outdoor CMRC Alberta Provincials finish 1st in Vet Junior.

Looking into starting a small local race team to help some younger kids get started around our community.

Competitive Highlights

Well this past year I won the 250 junior class in the PMA and Tyed for second place in the 125 Junior Class. Also finishing top 10 in every moto I have entered in this past season which is 28 motos. Battle hard all year to get these results and trained hard going down to Caliornia last winter.Taking training.Todd Schumlick PerformX Training. Who has trained the best such as Jean Sebastien Roy, Blair Morgan, Colton Facciotti, Heidi Cooke, 2 Local buddies I also ride with Kyle McGlynn, Trae Franklin.