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Personal History

I just turned 30 and i'm buying a house with my wife to be and have been with for 12 years. I have a career at proctor & gamble and I've worked there since 2006. I had to take some time off of motocross and had 2 major back surgies and I'm just now able to get back into the sport.  I owe a lot to my family that hasn't had much and making it possable for me to ride. Working a rapid rotate swing shift schedule is hard to find time for everything but I'm able to balance stuff out pretty well.

Riding Goals

My first goal is just getting back on the bike and having fun with working on getting back to the amateur speed I've showed before with my confidence level back.

Competitive Highlights

placing 2nd in a novice race right after coming off of working night shifts and having back issues. although it did not come easy it was great battling and working for it .