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Personal History

I have been intrested in motocross since the age of 6. Due to lack of money in my family and my mother and father being apart my dream was no longer possible until i was old enough to make my own money and buy my own bike. My dream was to compete in motocross however again due to lack of money in my life this seems to be pulling away from me yet again. I will never give up on my dream to get me there, so i am looking for as much help i can get whilst helping others back.

Riding Goals

My aim in motocross is to get as far as i can get, I dream of standing on my first podium  with my first trophy in front of my family knowing that i have finally achieved my dream and beaten it. Motocross is in my blood and i will never give up hope.

I would like to carry big or small sponsors on my bike and to be a well known rider, Not because im rich and because i have the best bike out there but because i have worked my way to where i want to get to and i have done it all by my own will power based on my life long dream.