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Personal History

I've been racing ATVs since I was 11 years old riding an LT80 at the CMA TT Series. My career has taken me across the continent, racing in Canada, the USA and Mexico! My favourites have to be Montreal SX, ATVA Nationals at Unadilla and the 2014 SCORE Tecate Baja 500. I'm 25 now, working 6 days a week and after a 3 year absence, I'm ready to get back on the track. There is some uncertainty with ATV Racing in Ontario for 2018, but I will be at the track no matter what. 

Riding Goals

At this point I've reached and surpassed the goals I set out with when I was a kid. I want to have fun riding and help mentor the young, up and coming riders. I've run racing schools in the past and I am working on getting that set up again. 

Competitive Highlights

2007 CMA ATV Junior Champ

2008 CMRC ATV Amateur National Junior Champ

2010 CMRC ATV Pro-Am Champ

2011 MMRS ATV Pro/A Champ

2011 Montreal SX 

2012 MMRS ATV GP A/B Champ

2012 Montreal SX(Broken Wrist) DNQ

2013 CMRC ATV Pro 4th

2014 Baja 500 DNF(Mechanical)

2014 CMRC ATV Pro 4th