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Personal History

Hello my name is Ben Edwards I live in San Jose California.I am 11 years old I love racing cross country hare scrambles in the AMA d36 youth cross country series.I have been racing for two years I started when I was nine years of age.I started out racing the c85cc 7-11 class and I still am but i've gained  speed each season.This season in particular of 2015 I have big plans for becoming a B85cc 7-11 rider.


Riding Goals

My goals for the new AMA d36 youth cross country series for this year is to win every single race.Another goal I have for this season is to win a championship for the first time.One of my other goals is to get the holeshot and stay in the lead.








Competitive Highlights

AMA d36 youth cross country results 2015-2016

First race:1st
Second race:1st