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Personal History

No one in my family has never raced and with enough convincing I got my dad to take me to a track and see how I did. I met up with one of my buddies who is fast and he taught me the basics and I followed him and tried to keep up but I wasn't to fast. I like to do work anything physical or something that keeps me on My toes because I want to build up endurance and strength for when I'm out on the track.

Riding Goals

I ride because I want to make it a family thing and something to remember I also ride just to have fun. This year I want to try to make it the best experience of my life and go to Moto schools and race a lot.

Competitive Highlights

When I was at the Maine event I didn't think I would get top 30 I thought I would be in dead last but somehow I got 25th place out of 46.