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Rider Updates

Sep 23 2021

I just received a set of brake and clutch levers from Flo Motorsports,,,,, I can’t wait to put them on my bike.  These things are awesome.  

Sep 22 2021

Thank you O’Neal for your continued support and belief in me into the 2022 mx season.

Sep 21 2021

Thank you OGIO for your continued support into the 2022 motocross season.

Sep 21 2021

Thank you Factory Backing Graphics for your generous sponsorship!  I look forward to developing a lasting partnership.

Sep 21 2021

The weather is looking good for this weekend.  Hopefully I can get some ride time on both Saturday and Sunday.  

Sep 19 2021

Had an awesome day at CCDR!  Saw some old friends and made a few new ones.  

Sep 15 2021

Looks Sunday is shaping up to be a great day to ride.  Hopefully that rain pushes out the area early on Saturday.

Sep 12 2021

The weather was perfect today.  I was able to spend most of the day at CCDR and made some new friends on the track.

Sep 10 2021

The weekend is here and the rain has pushed out of the area.  It’s time to ride!!!  I can’t wait to hit the track.

Sep 8 2021

It’s the first week of school,,,, and all I want to do is hit the track!

Sep 8 2021

Hope all this rain moves out of the area so we can ride this weekend!

Sep 7 2021

I am excited to announce my partnership with TMV Racing Products!  I really appreciate their sponsorship and the support that they are providing.

Aug 29 2021

Another day of working on the basics.  I still have some work to do on my technique, but I’m getting better with each practice.  The practice drills are actually a lot of fun!  

Aug 28 2021

Spent some time working on the basics today.  Practiced shifting, breaking, and rider position with some low speed drills in the yard.  Train hard and train right. 

Aug 24 2021

Thank you Ryno Power for your continued support into the 2022 mx season!

Aug 23 2021

I’d like to send a huge thank you to Twin Air and Blackbird Racing for the sponsorship renewal into the 2022 season.  Your continued support is allowing me to chase my dreams!

Aug 22 2021

Another great day at CCDR!  Made some new friends and had a lot of fun on the track.

Aug 21 2021

I had a great day out at CCDR.  I spent the first half of the day working on my riding technique and the second half riding with some new friends.  You always meet the nicest people on a motocross track!  The main focus of today was to have FUN!

Aug 20 2021

Hopefully this rain will push out so I can get a few laps in at the North Carolina Motorsports Park!

Aug 20 2021

I am excited to announce my partnership with Risk Racing!  I am thankful for this opportunity and look forward to developing a lasting relationship with this company.

Aug 7 2021

Got rained out again.  No practice today……. 

Aug 5 2021

Things have moved pretty rapidly for me over the past two months.  I have put in a lot of work and it is starting to payoff.  My technique is getting better and things are starting to click.  I have gotten adjusted to the new bike and we believe the time has come.  I am scheduled to do my first motocross race in October!  I will continue to focus on my technique and put in a lot of work to improve my skills.  Most importantly,,,,  I plan to have fun and enjoy this adventure.  I can’t thank my sponsors enough for all of their support. 

Aug 3 2021

I got to put some time in today at CCDR.  It was nice to have the track all to myself! 

Aug 1 2021

Unfortunately I won’t be able to ride today due to rain.  I hope to hit the track soon.

Jul 31 2021

Had another great day at CCDR!  I made a new friend and got to ride with some old friends.  I really like this new KX65.  I hope the weather holds out so I can get some seat time tomorrow. 

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