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Personal History

alright, so i was born and raised in Bonney Lake Washington. i went to school in the White River school district. i played all kinds of sports in school, i played basket ball, baseball, and football. i also powerlifted throuought and i trained hard and and won 1st place at the state championship two years in a row in my weight class. after i graduated i went and got a job working at Medline Ind. i have been working there since i graduated, i am a warehouse lead and we distribute Medical supplies. i am a hard worker and bust my butt to make it to the weekend when i can ride!

Riding Goals

well when i was 8 i saw Ryan Villopoto on the local news, and after i saw that i knew thats what i wanted to do, so i begged for a dirtbike and my dad ended up getting me my first bike, which was a 1983 cr60! i quickly out grew that bike and went through a number of different bikes in the many years i have been riding. riding has always been a family event for me, my dad my sister and i would go out trail riding almost  every weekend. it was always something for the family to look forward to. my best friend just recently got me into riding tracks and racing. now that i can support myself in racing. my first series was in the summer of 2012 where i lined up on my first gate, which is a feeling like none other. ever since that first time on the gate i have been hooked. i have been racing every local race i could get to, riding has always been a passion of mine but racing has taken it to a new level. i am excited to see how far i can go with my skills!

as far as goals. i plan to keep racing arenacross during the winter, and i plan to race the local outdoor Pacwest series again this summer. i am am jumping up to the intermediate class this winter in arenacross and i will be racing the intermediate class next summer for outdoor season. feel that i am a very fast learner and have the ability to make myself into a very well rounded racer.

Competitive Highlights

my first series that i raced i ended up taking 2nd in points in the 250D class after all 10 rounds were said and done. my bike broke a couple times giving me 2 DNFs which kept me from taking first over all.

racing arenacross this winter pulled my first holeshot racing the 450C class and pulled a solid lead to go on and get my first C-class win.