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Personal History

Hello my name is Barett Christensen.  I am eight years old and live on a farm outside of Drumheller, Alberta.  My favorite thing to do is dirt biking. I started riding when I was three years old. My Mom and Dad built a track on our farm so my brother and I can practice and play around on it. My brother helps me with my starts and corners. He rides a bigger bike than me so I really try hard to learn tips from him.  We also are members at the Drumheller Track so we ride there a lot too. It has a lot of obsticles that our track doesn't have at the farm. We volunteer our time at that track. My Mom and Dad said its good to help our community out and help promote the sport to families like us.

The past two summers we have raced in the Southern Alberta Spring and Fall Series. We race at Taber, Calgary, Alix, Drumheller, Raymond, Brooks and Medicine Hat.  I ride in the 50cc 7to 8 year old and this summer I started to ride in the 65cc 7-11 year old. My Mom and Dad said its good form me to learn the gears and clutching on my 65cc. 

I love motocross cause everyone in our family rides. When we ride for fun I like that my Mom, Dad and brother can all be on the track at the same time. I try to help my Mom out with leading her around the track. Sometimes I accidently spray her with mud. I guess that's why she calles me" The mud king".

Riding Goals

 My goal is to learn my Cobra. I will continue to ride in the 50cc 7-8yr old class and the 65cc 7-11 yr old class. I want to build on having confidence on my bike. My Mom and Dad told me, know matter how good you are, you still can learn new things on your bike. Sometimes I have trouble judging if I can make that double or not. So this year my goal is to be able to judge better with distances. My Dad showed my how to pace out the doubles and if it is the same distance as our double at home then I know I can do it.

My goal for this summer is to be number one champion in the SOAB spring and fall series. We also are going to attend some of the Provincial races in northern Alberta, Western Canadian Amateur National Championships and the Canadian Grand National Amateur National Championships in Walton Ontario. I would love to be able to do good at those races. It will be challenging cause all of those tracks will be new to me. It will be good to learn new tracks.

Another goal this year is to be a calm rider but strong rider. I noticed if I stay calm and confident then I ride better. If I get all excited and pumped up, I crash. So before each and every race my Mom and I say together at the same time" Remember, its all about having fun!"

I also have to maintain a good report card in school. I know if I want a sponser and go far in this sport then I have to have good grades.

Competitive Highlights

One of my most favorite highlights is when I raced at the Calgary Monster Energy Alberta Provincial Race. I won first place and I got to go on the podium and get my picture taken holding my trophy and a Monster drink.

The second favorite highlight is being the 2010 over all 50cc 7-8 Champion for the SOAB Series. I love racing in the Alberta SOAB Series because I have met a lot of new friends. My best friend at the track is the boy that won third place in the series. It doesn't matter what place you won when the race is over. We still play and sleep over in each others trailers.

The third favorite highlight would have been when we raced in the arenacross in Penticton, British Columbia. I thought it was so cool to race in the arena!