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Personal History

The day my Motocross dream began...

One day, a few years ago, I was given the opportunity to ride my cousins Honda CRF50, I got on and rode until they made me get off!  Loved every moment of it, every chance i got to ride it...I took it without even thinking twice.  I knew I wanted a dirt bike of my own, but being 5 at the time...Mom & Dad had to help me out with this idea.  Well, it took some time, but my dad surprised me with my very own Honda for my 6th birthday.   I rode it all over, every day getting faster and more comfortable every time I rode.  Soon I was jumping ramps and our septic mound in our yard. 

Our friend Andy was over one day, telling my dad how he should put me in a race.  Andy's kid, Aidan McCormick, races too.  My dad hesitated, and my mom was not too keen on the idea of racing.  Its one thing to ride around the yard, but the thought of other little kids fighting for a win, scared my mom.  She knows how determined I am, and how I go to great lengths to reach my goals.  Soon after, she decided one race would be okay to see what it was like...Well, I loved every minute of it and couldn't wait until the next race.  I begged mom to let me race again, she finally said it was okay but wanted to upgrade my gear and make sure I was really safe.  We raced one track my first year, Aztalan Mx, in Lake Mills, WI.  We also did the Columbia county Fair Supercross under the lights...that was really cool!  We quickly realized that my indestructible Honda had no chance against the racing bikes.  I kept up pretty good but knew I would never win without a different bike.

In September, just before the last race of the District 16 schedule.  My dad and some friends of ours made that racing bike dream come alive. Dad surprised me with a new (used) KTM 50cc junior, it needed some work but my dad can fix anything and wrenched on it until it ran perfect.  I was so excited to have one of those cool, fast bikes!  I couldn't wait to race it in October.  Well, October came and the rain would not stop...the races were cancelled.  i was super bummed as I never got to race my new bike. It gave my dad the whole winter to get my bike in racing order and fix anything else that might need fixing. 

Well, 2013 racing season began and I finally had my first race.  Dyracuse, WI was where we were headed.  I started right up front in the first Moto, led the entire race...After the 5th lap, I turned off thinking that was the last lap, unfortunately there was one more lap so I ended up with a DNF after leading the WHOLE race....this had me pretty upset but i learned from it and will watch the flaggers much closer from here on out.  Well, moto 2 went great, MY VERY FIRST WIN.  Unfortunately, they average the 2 moto's, so I ended up 9th, instead of the BIG FIRST PLACE trophy.  Heartbreaking. 

Our next race, Aztalan Mx in May brought me a 2nd place overall trophy!  I was so excited how the year had begun so far and so excited about my new bike. Still need to keep practicing everyday to get where I need to be.

Then came Hixton, WI.  I led the entire race but in the last lap my swing arm came loose...had to walk my bike across the finish line (with my dads help of course!).  Well, dad fixed my bike quick and Moto 2 was much better, ended up in 1st place!  Got an overall 3rd.  Not my 1st place win but 3rd is still within the top 5, I'll take it.  I learned that it is not just how I ride but also how my bike is functioning as well.  My crew chief, Dad, works so hard making sure everything is just right!  He does an amazing job!

Now things are falling into place, finally got that BIG 1st place trophy, bigger than me!  Now I make sure to be int the top 3, this is my new goal.  I love this sport!

I have lots of family & friends that share the passion for this sport with me.  My grandpa, Kent Price, still races.  Along with my uncle, Jake Price.  Also, my great uncle, Joe Sletten & his kiddo JJ raced as well.  Lots of great feedback and help with safe riding.  My pal, Aidan McCormick has shown me the ropes to racing and his dad has helped my dad tremendously to understand my bike.  

Robbins Manufacturing, in Fall River, WI generously helped with some of my expenses last year, the Robbins/Mobry families are super Awesome! SPM (Sletten Pest Management), or uncle Joe has also helped me out with sponsorship as well. I cannot say Thanks enough to those that have helped me reach my goals and set new ones!  My cousin Becky is always taking RAD pictures of us while riding...we appreciate her willingness to cheer us all on and do such good work! The Cage in Columbus is also a new sponsor...we love Chad -- the owner, great guy!

If I'm not riding/racing my dirt'll find me snowboarding & snowmobiling in the winter -- either on my Skidoo 120 or riding on my dads Yamaha Nytro.  I also play football, basketball, baseball, even tried wrestling this past year.  I love jumping ramps with my pedal bike & hanging with my friends.   My newest excitement is trying out my new wakeboard...after a HOT day at the track, a little refreshing swim & boarding is a prefect way to end the day!  I love my family, my friends and all those around me that allow me to be myself and do the things I love most!  I'd love to make you all proud, if you'd consider sponsoring me and my racing dream!  I won't let you down!  


Mom & Dad

Robbins mfg


The Cage

ASV Inventions

Choice Hotels

Motocross Vest

Kalgard Lubricants

Athena Pistons

Smith Optics

Decal Works

Twin Air


Matrix Concepts


Torc1 Racing

Leatt Brace

1.7 cleaning Solutions....


Thanks so much!

Ayden Joshua Price (AJ) #127

Riding Goals

Some of my goals for 2013:

Attend an MX camp to work on advancing my riding skills.  (Goal reached yet continued...ATTENDING CLUB 57 CAMP...WOOHOO!)

Learn more about my I can help my dad when things do not seem right.

Thank those who come out to the track to cheer me on & those that help me out with reaching my goals!

Look for my new KTM 50cc Sr or Cobra king 50 cc bike...i won't be able to ride this bike next year, I move to another class, so a different bike again.  (My dad can't wait for me to be out of the 50cc GOAL REACHED...NEW RIDE FOR 2014 IS A 2013 KTM 50 SXS!!

Sell my current bike to help with expenses...anyone have a little guy interested in racing?  :). This bike is fast, room full of trophies to prove it!!

Learn to jump better and work on my cornering.

Meet Kirsten Raemisch at our next Azzy Race -- love to learn from her & other great riders. GOAL REACHED...working with her on Saturday to increase my speed and improve my riding.



Qualify for Loretta's!!!!

I would love to get a 65cc bike too, the more seat time the better I will be! But our money tree out back must have received too much Rain or too little.

Be a good student and make sure to put school first, no matter what I LOVE to do! 

Go see the PRO riders again...that was SOOOO cool!

Get an enclosed trailer and put a big sticker on it, AJ PRICE RACING #127.  

Maybe a BIG HUGE RV that we can travel the country racing everyday...this would be the coolest thing ever!  

Competitive Highlights

Finished the 2013 season in 1st place for District 16, Wisconsin/michigan, 50cc JR class!!! Was in the top 3 most of the season, with many 1st & 2nd place finishes! If I ended up out of the top 3 it was due to my bike, excited for my new bike, hoping for less problems!! :)