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Personal History

Hi My name is Austin Wykert. I am 12 years old in the 6th grade. I live in Wetzel County West Virginia. I have a big family that goes with us to races. I like it when we take the camper and stay all weekend at the races. I like to ride my bicycle around and swim in the river with all my racing friends when I'm not racing. I like to ride whatever i can. I would ride all day everyday if my mom would let me. We have a pit bike, I like to ride it on our little track. I like it when my dad lets me ride 250R. I Ride a Hybrid 4-wheeler it is a 125 Raptor Frame with a Yamaha YZ85 motor on it. 

Riding Goals

Win the Fast Traxx summer series

Win the Fast Traxx Barn Series this winter

I would like to ride more Fast Traxx GP races next year.

Run some at Mason Motocross

I can't move up a class till I turn 14. I run a hybird 85 on a 125 frame

Competitive Highlights

I am running 1st in points in the fast traxx supermini

I finished 3rd in Supermini battle of the barn series 2020