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Personal History

i am 14.i ride a rm85 and a cr125. ilove motocross. it is my favorite sport. ive been riding since i was 4, so ive been riding for 10 years,but i havent accually raced in bout 4. i think that i am an okay rider,im not the best. i am pretty handy with a wrench. me and my dad built my rm85 from parts from other bikes. i play bass guitar,love to hangout with friends. i really want to get sponsored because ive been riding for a very long time and i want to try and go pro before i get too old or something else. thanks !

Riding Goals

 i am going to be at the redbud nationals in july for the amature races most likely. i dont know about the rest of the year, just gooing to have to find out.

Competitive Highlights

 i havent raced in a few years due to personal and family issues. when i was racing, i was riding 50cc KTMs. i didnt get 1st alot, only a few. i mostley got 2nds and 3rds. the tracks i most ussually ride at are redbud in michigan,and joliet mx park in illinois.