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Personal History

I am 13 years old. i got my first dirt bike

when i was 8 my dad came home and told me the bike was my cousins.

i started riding when my friend got a dirtbike and it got me

to liking them. He raced a fair race and i went to watch and i saw

the class i would of been in and new i could beat the kids in the class.

My favorite sport is football but i like to play all sports.I like motocross bc it is a passion sport and a will to give it every thing u got and if u dont do it u wasteind your time motocross can be hurtfull and depressing and fun.


Riding Goals


my goal to hit every jump on high fly and do go to prepare for 2011

Competitive Highlights

I beat the one kid i new that i might that year

and he was better than me. Then i saw him agian at other track and i beat him to get my first time getting first ever.