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Personal History

HEYYY I'm Austin Frankel the biggest thing about me is im crazy about Jesus I love God with all my heart and thats one of the things that gives me the push in motocross.  I love motocross, I'm Addicted to Training, racing, and riding it.Everyone In my family had a dream of being something BIG but when it came down to doing the hard work to accoplishing that goal they fell short so im changing that.The Dream [ Pro Motocross & Supercross ].
Some of the stuff i love to do are hang with friends, family, playin football, going to the gym, racing anything, some rodetrips, and just livin.
so thats me...

Riding Goals

This last

Racing and Training Plan for 2009: This last season (2008 race season) was a short season for me in the start of the season I was off the bike for 3 almost 4 months due to a knee injury but in April once I found out I wasn't going to make it to World Mini due to the injury I realized I needed to step up my training so I started training with a trainer, Shannon and I stated working in the gym and on a mountain bike. We set up an everyday eating and working out schedule that had me eating very healthy foods to help my body build and set up the workout schedule so I am in the gym for 2 hours working on flexibility and building strength doing weights, then riding my mountain bike working on proper breathing and raising the bar on my endurance. This season I will still be working with Shannon in the gym 1 hour while I do the second hour on my own. Shannon still sets up my training schedules and is on me about raising the bar in how hard I push it, which has brought me so much further than I ever thought I could be in my riding and my strength.

I ride 2-5 times a week at local tracks, Trails, and home tracks. I am in the gym 6 days a week and I go on bike rides for 45 minutes 3-6 days a week. Before I ride I do a 15-20 minute warm up. My brother Coren Frankel comes out to the track with me to through up a pit board to push me to make better lap times. About once a week my Father Buzz Frankel will make his way out to the track and work with me on correct body position and riding with perfection. To finish it off I will also be starting online schooling January 1st and will be online schooled for the rest of high school which gives me more time to train and work to have money for the number of races I attend during the race season.




Competitive Highlights

What Can I Bring To The Table For You: I am a very loving guy I understand that your image and attitude is very imported in this sport and I have made myself very respected in the sport with a friendly image. I enjoy promoting all of my sponsors with flyers, handouts, telling people about products, and using them. I might not be the richest kid at the track but I always have my sponsors promoted on the side of my cargo van, trailer, bike, and gear. Every race and every time I go to the track I give it my all, and never give up. I am sure that I have more heart than anyone else out there. I work hard on and off the bike. I maintain a 3.0 in school and give 110% into everything I do including school. You might here this from everyone but I can tell you straight up "I'm all real." This is my dream and I have found that the only way I am going to make it to the top is to give it all I got right now not tomorrow not next week but right now. To hear more check out my website for weekly blogs, updates, and photos, or fill free to email me or give me a call.