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Personal History

I grew up in northern Wisconsin in a very small town called Phillips. I used to watch fuel T.V when I was young instead of traditional cartoons, and that is what made me want a dirt bike. So at the age of 5 I got a pw 50 and never looked back. I have been riding dirt bikes for 12 years now, but only started racing last year. Growing up it was always just for fun to me, but when I tried racing it opened a door that I have been looking for. I love the competitive edge with something I genuinely love doing. I think starting this late has benefited me in the way that I am fresh and going to every race rather than racing at a young age and being burned out already.  

Riding Goals

I set a goal this past spring and it was to go to every race and have fun. I completed this goal along with winning the overall title for Open C in District 16. I plan to continue to race the short indoor season and win that title as well in Open C. Starting next spring I will be bumping to Open B for the 2021 summer, and I plan to get podium with overall points in District 16.

Competitive Highlights

Some of my best highlights are winning the Open C title for 2020, taking podium at battle of Wisconsin, and taking two first places finishes in one weekend at two different tracks.