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Personal History

Types of Divination

Divination is that the practice of seeking knowledge by supernatural (some would say psychic) means. The literal meaning of the word is "to let the divine realm manifest.

" Cultures all throughout history have engaged in countless methods to predict the longer term , to realize knowledge and wisdom, and to speak with realms beyond the physical so as to realize perspective on the here and now.

Modern day psychics, holy people and diviners of all kinds still use ancient and even modern divination techniques to glimpse the unseen realms.

All of them add alternative ways to convey information between the size , but what all of them have in common is that they're merely tools in much an equivalent way a telephone may be a tool to transmit communication between people in remote locations.

Tarot Cards

Tarot card reading is one among the foremost popular and commonly used divining tools to the present day and falls into a category of divination called cartomancy (divining through cards). With its history in medieval Europe, tarot cards were originally a cards that evolved into a system of divination.

It works by reflecting the energy of the person consulting the cards. an issue is asked (it should not be a yes or no question) and therefore the reader lays the cards down during a particular pattern (and there are many counting on the sort of reading).

What cards come up in what position, and whether or not they're right side up determines how it'll be interpreted. an honest reader skilled within the tarot will understand the subtler nuances within the symbology of the pictures . for instance , the Death card doesn't necessarily portend that somebody goes to die, but will often signal something more along the lines of private transformation.

Astrology-There are several sorts of astrology.

The most documented are Western astrology and Chinese astrology. The word "astrology" springs from the Greek words "astron" (meaning star) and "logos" (to study).

Astrology is that the study of the position of the celebs and other celestial bodies at any given moment in time and their relationship to and influence on human lives. most of the people are conversant in astrology within the sort of daily horoscopes, but there's actually much more to the study of astrology than that.

The beginning point of any personal astrological reading is that the natal chart. It diagrams where all the foremost relevant celestial bodies were at the time of your birth.

Your sun sign could also be the dominant energy in your life, but the location of the moon and every one the celebs and planets also describe significant energy patterns which will influence the characteristics of the sun sign. this is often why it is vital to possess a natal chart done if you're getting to have an astrology reading, and any good astrologer will tell you that.


Also referred to as chiromancy, the art of reading hands is one among the foremost ancient sorts of divination. There are debates on whether or not palmistry may be a fortune telling method of divination.

While it's more of a way for personality inventory , there are elements by which palm readers can predict the longer term . Contrary to public opinion , palmistry involves quite just studying the lines of palm. A palm reader also looks at things like fingernails, hair growth, and color and texture of the skin.

Classical palmistry has its roots in ancient Greece. The dominant hand will convey a particular set of meanings while the non-dominant hand will convey another, and it depends on what school of palmistry one has been taught. a number of the foremost common elements of a palmistry are watching the life line, the guts line and therefore the head line, which are the three most dominant lines within the palm.