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Personal History

I have been riding dirt bike for about five years. I been in five races in Baja mexico the event is called "paso de motos" the race are about 100 miles in the same terrain and even same the route as the BAJA 500 and 1000. I have only finished four times; the time I didn't finish was because of dehydration. I was throwing up having major headaches and my tongue swelling up during summer time in the middle of the desert in mexico. I have to thank god for helping get my bike started and for the medical team that day for helping me get back on my feet.

Riding Goals

Race in the BAJA 250, 500 and, 1000

Competitive Highlights

My favorite competitive highlight was when i crashed on the first turn and broke my front brake lever and bent my handlebar I thought I was done early but i was able to start my bike and take off. I manged to get comfortable on the bike pretty quick I starting passing racers left an right. That was my most confident race and fastest. Even manged to catch up to Ivan Ramirez and ride on his back for a while but was a lot quicker than me. But that race had to be my favorite race so far.