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Personal History

I started racing back in 1996, doing small local BMX racing until I was 11.  I rode in the BMX National Championships and national races all over the US.  In 2001 I started racing MX consistently... starting in the 85 class until I made expert, and then moving up to the 125 (250F) class until I reached expert again in the 125 and also 250 class.  I rode many national/regional events and qualified for Loretta Lynn's before I got injured about 2 months before the race.  Since 17/18 years old I joined the military, and had been off the bikes (other than my streetbike ZX10R) for about 6 years... I just recently bought another 2013 KX450F and I am starting to ride and train again as well as purchase all the necessary tools, gear and equipment needed to ride at the expert level again.  My profession is sales, so I understand how important it is to market and how important it is for those people receiving help/sponsorship to promote for the product and the people that are sponsoring you.  I look forward to having a strong professional relationship with all the companies and people I will deal with in my new racing career.

Riding Goals

Train, Train, Train... I want to ride at a higher level than ever before, I want to try to go to Loretta Lynn's again and continue a solid racing career.