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Personal History

As a kid I watched my dad race the GNCC series. I got my first dirt bike a week before my 5th birthday and have had once since. I raced from age 5 to 13, and now just starting again at 23. I’ve always trail ridden as much as possible as well. 2019 was my first year back into racing full time and it came with a lot of challenges to overcome. I’ve dealt with mechanical failures, broken ankle, and trying to race full time with owning a home and having a family of 4. My goal for 2019 was top 10. I finished 9th with having to miss a total of 3 races due to family and ankle injurys. My first two races were bad finishes due to mechanical failures. I got a different bike and then broke my ankle but still managed to finish 10th. 

Riding Goals

My personal goal this year is an average finish of top 3 and I want top 5 overall finish at the end of the year. I set a goal in 2019 of top 10 overall finish and finished 9th. I’ve been going to the gym, sticking to a lean diet, and cycling as much as possible to get into better shape to race harder for longer times. I want to be quicker and smoother in the woods. My long term goal is A class top 5. 

Competitive Highlights

My finishes in 2019 went- 22nd, 28th, 10th, 18th, 5th, 1st, 7th, 7th 6th for an overall finish of 9th out of 138 riders. I have an average of 3rd on hole shot. I have two races I’ve pulled the holeshot and lead for awhile. I’m excited to see what 2020 holds.