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Personal History

Was up everybody my name is Andrew Turner i am 15 and i play baseball basketball football and soccer but none of them compare to motocross racing thats for one thing. i have been riding for 8 years but only been racing for 2 i have had alot of experence and fun. i used to live in Indiana and when i did i raced a little up their but rose alot with my friends Bryant Swinford and Konner Graddy had alot of fun with them riding but this year has been sick and exciding thats about it

Riding Goals

My goals for the upcoming year is to race hard stay strong and hopefully make it to lorretas

Competitive Highlights

Some of my competitive moments are when i hit the holeshot and staying in the front the whole race for the win also when i dodged a pileup in the 1st corner of the race but thats about it any questions just message me and ill be glad to answer them