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Personal History

When I was 13, my parents got me my first dirt bike. It was a little TTR-90, and I only intended on riding for fun. That was until I moved up to an rm85 at 14 years old. Soon after at 15, I hit my first race. I instantly fell in love with racing and the community around it. Five years later, and 3 more bikes down the road, I am now racing a 2022 kx250 at a local 250 B level. I have been blessed with parents who are willing to pay for my expenses when it comes to the sport, however, we don't have enough money for me to hit bigger races. The cost of gear, tires, maintenence and such on top of the price of gas to go places really hurts us financially just to race. My goal here is to find sponsorships so that money isn't as big of a struggle, and so that it will be easier to go to more races. 

Riding Goals

My goals as a rider are for me to reach my maximum potential on the bike. My dream has been to go pro, and as I hit 20 that dream seems very unlikely. Even if I can't make it I still want to become a safe and very fast rider. I have been practicing technique for a couple years, and really focused on improving my speed and consistency. I believe that I can become a super fast rider and I want to achieve this goal.

Competitive Highlights

This year so far (2022) has been the best year of racing for me ever! Even though I only hit a few races, this is the first year that I have ever gotten a podium. Every race I hit this year I placed top 3, and that has never happened before.