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Personal History

I started riding recreationally on trails when I was four and I got really good at trails. I decided in 2011 to race at the local arenacross and I loved it but I only get to do it once or twice a year due to financial issues. This year I have been practicing more for arenacross as well as endurocross. I have been very successful so far this year in endurocross with two podiums so far. I am willing to do anything given the resources. I am a go-getter and I also know how to talk to people respectfully and politely. This year I have also been given the opportunity to be an MSF Dirt Bike School assistant instructor.

Riding Goals

Race more, get a sponsorship, and podium a race.

Competitive Highlights

2011: MRP Arenacross - 7th Heat 1, 5th Main 2012: MRP Arenacross - 4th Heat 1, 6th Main 2013: MRP Arenacross - 10th Heat 1, 8th Main 2014 MRP Endurocross: 1st Heat 1, 1st Main Rd. 1 1st Heat 1, 2nd Main Rd. 2