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Personal History

My name is Casey i just really stared riding this year.Ive always been raised around bikes riding them since the day i was born. Just never raced them because my family has never had the money.I got my bike this year on January 3 because i waited 2 birthdays n 2 Christmases and didint get nothing so i could get my bike    i had it till April then my mom had to pawn it to make rent ive been waiting all summer long just so i can ride 1 time. now really what i like to do is hang out with my friends, ride wen i can, n be around animals. i like every type of music but jazz. i am 14 i was born in Decatur Texas n raised all over the united states. the reason i stared getting into motocross is to get that adrenaline rush that never goes down to be able to fly threw the air to see people that wanna see me for who i am. Ive almost lost my mom 6 times n the 7 years of my life she was beat 3 of the 6 times almost to death every time the cops show up at the write time n save her life wen this happens i usually don't get to see her a lot because she is n the hospital the other 3 times were wen we got taken away from her by dhs and was put n foster care for a year n a half. DONT SPONSER ME IF U FEEL BAD FOR ME SPONSER ME BECAUSE HOW OUT GOING I AM N HOW MOTIVATED I AM N HOW GOOD I WILL BE WITH MOTIVATION FROM U SPONSERS  

Riding Goals

Some of my goals for this year are to get sponsered, race, pass the 10th grade with flying colors and to lose 5 to 10lbs and tone my body for racing