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Practice writing essays in a playful way

Your child can get a lot of benefits from writing an essay: it will help him develop a confident sense of language, increase his vocabulary, put grammar rules into practice and learn the correct spelling. This not only benefits English lessons, but also affects all other school subjects.

There are many ways to practice your essay writing at home without spending too much time and energy, learn more at For example, ask your child to describe another family member to you in as much detail as possible - and you have to guess who they are talking about. Or you need to invent a fictional person and introduce him to him. You can also enter multiple stimuli words, such as ghost, castle, noise, and scary, from which to rewrite the fantasy story — each stimulus must appear at least once.

Alternatively, you can watch a movie together in the evening and then summarize its content. Because the content doesn't have to link to text. Of course, you can also read the story to your child, who will then retell it in a few short sentences. The verbal exercises are sufficient to give the children an understanding of the structure and tension of the story. Of course, these "oral compositions" can then be written down on paper. So, go ahead and let your creativity run wild and come up with a fun challenge!
5 tips for writing essays
There are also a large number of guides online to help you focus your efforts better.

1. Guidelines for writing essays.

This is a guide by Yolanda Gamboa, Spanish teacher of the Atlantic University of Florida, that presents some strategies to improve the quality of your essays. Download it here.

2. Guidelines for the preparation of academic essays.

This guide, compiled by faculty members from Sal Victoria University, aims to provide students with practical guidance on how to write essays that meet the expectations of the institution. Enter this link to read the document.

3. Technical guidance for preparing essays.

The Faculty of Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Queretaro have prepared this practical and simple guide on the characteristics and conditions that all academic essays should have. Login here to get it instantly.

4. Guide to writing essays.

This guide, which follows the style and format of the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines, has been designed to provide students at the Catholic University of Costa Rica with a comprehensive and practical guide to preparing research reports in the form of essays. You can download the manual from this link.

 5. Test and its characteristics.

This guide, presented in the form of practical and concrete slides, introduces the main aspects of this kind of text, as well as recommendations for students who come across it.

The possibilities are endless! Make sure that sentences don't always start the same way or be too long. They both make it difficult to read and can make the text long and unnecessarily complex. The more different words and phrases you use, the more interesting your writing will be!

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