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Personal History

"My name is Alice Foulk, I am 6 years old and I ride and race with my best friends.  We are girls and we call our team, team PonyTail.  It is so fun to ride dirt bikes.  Endurocross tracks are the best and I love the Moto Mayhem races the most.  My Mom, Dad and little sister Shelby come and watch all my races.  I love my new KTM.  I'm number 111 and there only two people in the world that are number 111; Taddy Blazusiak and Alice Ann Foulk.  I like to camp and ride trails with my dad. I start my morning ms with dirt biking.  love pandas and puppies and when I race in a speedy panda and sometimes I'm an angry panda and then I go faster."


As you can see Alice is very excited about racing.  We have seen her self confidence grow immensely since she started racing.  She loves to ride and loves racing.  She is one of few girls riding in the Endurocross series and is very proud of that.  We pay out of pocket for all equipment and race costs.  We drive in excess of 5 hours for each race and camp on site.  All maintenance and repairs on the bike are completed by myself.  We look forward to any and all assistance from potential sponsors and are sure that they will assist Alice in her continued success in racing.  Thank you for your consideration.

Riding Goals

"My goals are; Trying to win my races, or at least get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.  The three most important things are have fun, try hard and never give up!

Last race we learned about sportsmanship and being nice to other people in races and helping other people when they need it."  


Alice recites the 3 rules each time she races; Try Hard, Have Fun and Never Give up.  We stress the importance of sportmanship and strive for it to come first over competitiveness.  Alice is a very a driven girl with big dreams.  She continually improves and wants more than anything to "Get the trophy".  We balance her competitiveness each race with showing the importance of clapping for each competitor at the podium ceremony and always congratulating each competitor.

 Alice has shown great improvement after upgrading her to a KTM 50SX and she rides once a week in preparation for her races.  Alice has also been invited to apply to be a Moto Mayhem "Future Mayhem" Team rider for the 2017 season.


Competitive Highlights

Currently 3rd overall in points for Moto Mayhem Endurocross series out of 17 other riders in the 50cc 4-6 year old class.


Alice Finished her first Endurocross Season in 4th Place overall!  We are very excited for the 2017 season and more racing with Moto Mayhem.