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Personal History

My whole life, I've grown up in a family of racing and off-road riders. Growing up I always rode and started off riding trails and played competitive hockey all through high school. I always wanted to race and take it seriously but now I don't play competitive hockey anymore, I'm focusing on racing. Broke college kid who works full time and still manages to ride 2 times a week and 3 times a week in the summer. Any help I can get is awesome since I pay for everything with no help from my parents or anyone. I love racing and think this year will be the year that I prove myself to a lot of people.

Riding Goals

My goal for this year is to move up to the B Class next year. I broke my wrist riding in March this year and I'm just now on the bike again after surgery. Racings just starting up for my year and I already feel better than last year on the bike from working out and training before my injury. I struggled last year with body positioning and suspension but I think I have the right setup this year so far.

Competitive Highlights

Last year I switched from 250's to a 450 and I only raced three races in the C Class and got 2 top tens and a top five. Went to the Shades Of Gray Mx camp at Sweenys Mx with Brett Cue and got the chance to ride with him for awhile after the camp and he taught me some things I was struggling with on the track.