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Personal History

Have you ever watched a competitive sport on television, and thought wow that looks like a lot of fun. Well i was that kid at 4 years old. I was sitting in the living room with my mother and she was watching the x games. i instantly fell in love with the sport. I would run around the house making dirt bike noises. my parents soon learned I was really interested in the sport at a young age as i was always asking when the x games would be on tv. i got my first bike when I was 6 years old it was a pw50. i had that for a couple years then I was gifted a Honda CRF 70. i only rode recreationally untill 2012 we moved to aberdeen sd. i started racing in frederick sd being it was the closest track and my brothers where in bmx. i was the season champion of 50 b class in 2012 and placed 3rd in state. shortly after though they closed down the track and i decided to start racing bmx. when i got tired of it and wanted to switch back to motocoss my parents told me no because they couldnt afford 2 kids in hockey and one in bmx and me in motocross. so i stuck with bmx. one day scrolling on face book i came across the dash for cash race in jamestown nd. i was told its a very good track to start on and since i hadant competitvley raced motocross since 2012 i thought id give it a try to see if i was still interested in it. i had a blast and since i am 19 now and more than capable of traveling to races i thought to myslef why not give it a shot again. 

Riding Goals

my goals as a rider is to make my name competitive. i want to learn and advance my skill level and knowledge as a rider. i want to be able to travevl to more races tan just races in south dakota and north dakota.