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Personal History

Im a married father of 3. I started riding dirt bikes at the age of 7 and have been hooked ever since. I raced a lot when i was younger in the 65cc class. My family took a break from racing for a few years unfortunately but I came back at 15 years old in 2005 on a 1999 YZ250. I was winning local races that year and decided to try and qualify for the Ponca City Amateur National. My best moto fininsh was 10th. We had no sponsors. We did all bike work ourselves. The engine, chassis and suspension rebuilding was all done by my father and I. The next yearI moved up in classes and got a new 2006 YZ450. It was a great bike and we built the engine up on it. It was a fun season until the engine grenaded and destroyed everything. I have since grown up and started a family. I have all my kids into riding dirt bikes and I love to see the passion grow in their eyes. When we arent riding we like to get out fishing and relaxing on the water if its summer time. During the winter its ice fishing and snowmobiles.

Riding Goals

I love riding. Period. Im older now with a family and want to keep the grassroots sport alive. I have passed the passion on to my kids and want to get them more experience riding. On trails and tracks. If they want I will get them specifically into racing. The sport is expensive when you have a whole family of riders. Its a lot of gear, equipment and repairs. I want to keep the sport alive. I want to showcase the joy and family bonding that comes with the enjoyment of the sport.

Competitive Highlights

Top 10 in MN state championship multiple times (2001-2006)

Qualified and raced Ponca City Amateur National (2005)

Introduced 3 new lifelong riders to the sport (my kids)