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Personal History

I was born in Nashville, TN and raised in Jackson, MS. I have two sisters, me being the middle child. As a kid I was always obsessed with cars and action sports. After years of watching motorcross on TV and begging my parents for a dirt bike I finally got a 125 trail bike. I probably put 100 hours on that bike in 2 months. I had never felt so free and at ease. Sadly, about a year later all the local tracks had closed and rutting up my yard was not ok so I had to sell. It was not until 15 years later that I found that free feeling again. I got another 125 trail bike in June of this year and within two months I sold it and got my current YZ250F. A month after that I signed up for my first race. I love every second of this sport. 

Riding Goals

I just bought a bike in June of 2020 and started racing last month in October. So I am brand new to racing but have never been so passionate about something. I am on my bike every chance I get and am practicing everyday. I have always been looking for something and I believe dirt bike racing is that something. My future racing plans and goals are to enter as many races as I can in the 2021 season and move up classes. My goal for 2021 is to finish the season with a podium finish in the 250 C class. My future in racing is just getting started down a very long and fun road! My ultimate goal is to be running in the A class within 2 years. And to get my nephew started!!!!! 

Competitive Highlights

I just started competing in the SECCA series (Southeast Cross Country Association) and have competed in 2 races. I got 8th out of 19 in my very first race and 13th out of 26 in my second race.