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Personal History

Hey my name is AJ Green and i am 15 years old.  I currently race supermini bike in the ama district 12.  I have been racing since I was 7 years old and i started off on a z-50.  Currently I am in first place in the Kames series and hoping to keep it that way.  I have a kx 250f and we have been working on it, but we still need alot more done to it and we don't have too much money to do this is if you could give me a sponsor to help me out that would be great.  I already have some sponsor and they are: moose racing, oury grips, prowheel, fastline cycle salvage,smith goggles,and to the rest sorry i forgot you.  So if you could please help me out. Thanks

Riding Goals

My goals are to go to loretta lynns this yea a place well.

Competitive Highlights

Well i was racing my one friend and it was the last lap and we were racing at sandusky valley.  We were coming to this section with this triple and i thought if i was going to pass him this is my last chance.  So we come out of the corner and i come 4th gear wide open to this triple and hit it.  when i landed there was the corner in front of the finish and since I jumped this triple that set me up for the block pass.  I come from the inside of this huge berm and block pass him and win the race.