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Personal History

My name is Adam Flora, I am 13 years old and i am in 8th grade, i go to westview school it is a privet school for kids with a alternative way of learning. I have a tick disorder and auditory proccesing disorder. Iam an A B  student.  I have been ridding since i was 3 and racing since I was 5 riding is my life it is all i ever want to do.

Riding Goals

my goal in life is to race at the supercross and learn to do a superman  As a job i want to be a fireman because I want to help people and also beable to have the days off to still ride.

Competitive Highlights

I have raced a few desert races and did well but my love is grand prix I have raced the district 37 big six for four years now the first year i was 10 in my class the next year i was 3erd in myc lass last year i was 3erd in class this year is still going  .