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Personal History

I have been racing dirtbikes since i was 13, i didnt get started at a real young age but i cought on very quickly.  I started racing on a 1989 kx 60 and had my first race 2 weeks after ever riding and got 2nd in the 60ccB class.  From then on i was hooked and in love.  I finished my first season with a overall of 2nd for the season, mainly because of missing a couple races.  Then the following year I raced the 60ccA class and won the championship.  After that I was getting too big for the 60 and deided to move up to the 80's.  Started in the 80ccB class and took 2nd the first year.  The next year I moved up to the 80ccA class and won the championship that year too.  Then continued onto the 125cc, which was great for a couple years then broke my femur and took a couple years off.  Well to skip a few years now im back into motox harder then ever, racing the 450ccB class in the top 5 in points this season and in need of some sponsors to help through the rough times.

Riding Goals

This years goals are to place top 3 in points for the season in the 450ccB class, and make it to a few NESC races.  Another goal is to pick up some sponsors.

Competitive Highlights

I have always been a very aggressive rider, I push as far as i possibly can at all times.  I dont like loosing, the way i look racing is 2nd place is the 1st looser.