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Personal History

I started on two wheels when I was 2 years old. I grew up in NJ when BMX and Freestyle were big. I have always had a passion for riding on 2 wheels and pushing myself whenever I could. I LOVE RIDING, plain and simple. I won multiple state championships in BMX and then moved on to racing Mountainbikes, more specifically Dual Slalom and 4x. I excelled due to my BMX background and in my first season won the Mid-Atlantic Cup for the Mid-Atlantic states. In the summer of 2005 I blew out my right knee racing at Snowshoe mtn in WV and spent the next year rehabbing to get back on the bike more determined then ever. Once back on the bike I was happy again, rehab sucks. I was one of two Factory Riders for a bike company named Soul Cycles for a few years, racing dual slalom and getting the word out about their bikes and parts. I still race Downhill MTB and Dual Slalom occasionally but this past year have gotten into riding and racing dirtbikes. It seems my skills from BMX and MTB have transferred over well. So now it is time to pursue a new challenge and that is racing off-road in Hare Scrambles, Enduro's and Motocross. To sum myself up, I am always pushing myself, higher, faster, further, and try to push those around me. My A.D.D. keeps me from sitting stagnant and becoming complacent which is a good thing. My moto is: I can't take my body with me so I may as well use it up while I am here! See you out in the dirt!

Riding Goals

To put it simply, to be the absolute best rider I can be. To never stop learning, pushing and getting faster. To me there is no such thing as "good enough" it is always "I can probably due better" least I better try to. I am happiest when I am pushing myself and get that satisfaction of knowing I went outside of my comfort zone and succeeded. 

Competitive Highlights

I am just starting my Dirtbike journey of racing and riding competitively so I have no competitive highlights yet. However from my days racing Mtb's and BMX it would be winning multiple state titles, mid-atlantic championships, being in a world wide magazine (Decline magazine) as well as all of the local race wins. 


 I am most proud of the fact that I am the first person ever to ride a motorcycle down the world famous stairs from the move "The Exorcist." This was a challenge that was posted on Supermoto junkies over two years ago and everyone who has gone to do it has backed out. On Halloween night in 2011 I did it. The video is on my profile and can be seen here as well.