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Personal History


I am a 36 year old husband, father and motorcycle racing connoisseur. I began riding dirt bikes when I turned 16 and could
purchase my first bike– a 1986 KX125. My racing career began when I turned 18 and could sign my own wavers– first race
bike 1998 CR125. I worked my way though C class, then B class, and onto the A class. I built myself into a top contender in
the District 16 A classes and maintained good results for a number of years before tearing my ACL. I retired from motocross
in 2006 when I had my knee reconstructed and thought I was done with racing.
In late 2006 I purchase a 2006 CBR 600RR and started riding on the street as well as attending track days. In 2007 I
completed a road racing licensing course and found myself in the paddock shortly there after. I competed in CCS and ASRA
races starting 2007 and was removed from the beginner class and promoted to the expert class after one season of racing. I
gained quick success in road racing and was soon battling for podiums in CCS and ASRA events in the expert classes all over
the mid west.
I got married in 2010. A couple years after we were married my wife got sick so I had to park the bike and attend to my new
bride. After a couple years of treatment and a long battle my wife entered remission and life was stable again and most
importantly, she was healthy again.
My age and aspirations of making a career of racing where pretty much a dream of the past but I still rode my motocross bike
frequently and never drifted to far away from first love– motocross.
Last year– 2018, I made the decision to go racing again. Road racing carries very high costs to compete at the upper tier that
I had been racing in so I decided to go back to my real passion– Motocross. I cleaned up and updated my 05 CRF450R and
signed up for the first race of the season.
I am proud and excited to say that I am back and with one season under my belt– I’ve still got it.
In addition to being a motocrosser I am a full time construction superintendent. I came through the ranks from carpenter
apprentice, to carpenter, to foreman, to superintendent and have worked for the same company that I started with after
graduating high school back in 2001. I am an avid outdoors man and enjoy bow hunting, snow boarding, cycling (road and
mountain), and anything that gets your heart beating. My family is number 1 in my life and I love spending time with them
and look forwards to bring my brand new son to the track with me this year.
I am not racing in pursuit of a career anymore; however; as with anything I do, I give 110% or don’t do it at all. I am
committed to and excited for the 2019 MX season and my aim is to take home the Vet A District 16 championship, I have my
eye on the Masters A championship as well. I am an honest and sincere person that takes pride in all I do. I have been in the
motorcycle racing world for 20 years now and I maintain strong values towards good sportsmanship. I love helping out my
fellow competitors and especially the new and upcoming riders. I am loyal to all that have and do support my racing efforts
and I strive to repay the commitments of those who support me. Your support will be rewarded with a person that will
proudly represent your company in good fashion and by a rider only interested in building and maintaining a relationship
with a great company and great people.

Riding Goals

Win the 2019 AMA District 16 Vet. A and Masters A championships

Competitive Highlights

·  2003– First 250 A class win

·  2009- Two top 10 finishes at the AMA Racing Road Race Grand Championship Race

·  2018– Returned to A class Motocross Racing

·  4th Overall in Masters A District 16 MX Championship 2018

·  2nd Overall in Masters A Aztalan Members Series 2018