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Personal History

I am 25 years old and live in the sunny Island of Bermuda.  I have been racing for 18 years winning numerous championship titles in the Island of Bermuda.  I have raced both in the USA and Canada winning the 125 Beginner class in Blackstock Canada and placing 4th overall in the Oak Hills 125 C class in the USA.

My father is a champion Motocross Racer and has raced in the USA and through him the passion lives on in me.

My parents believed if the foundation is strong then the house will not fall.  Because of this belief I attended lots of training camps and had personal trainers such as Gary Semics instruction for over 8 years.  I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do so.

I also enjoy cricket and soccer which are local sports on the island.







Riding Goals

My goal for 2012-2013 is to significantly increase my fitness level.  To win the 250/450 Expert class in Bermuda and to race Mini O's, PoncaCity raceway, OakHill Mx and to compete in the Lorretta Lynn's Qualifiers/Regionals in the USA and to compete in the Walton transCan in Canada.

Competitive Highlights

1995/1996 Pee Wee 50 Championship

1996/1997 60-cc Championship

1996/1997 Rookie of the Year

1996/1998 Most Wins in the Season

1998/1999 80-cc Championship

1999/2000 placed 2nd in ratings – 80-cc class (suspended by parents two races which cost him the championship for no-homework)

2000/2001 Sat out early in season due to a wrist injury.  Placed 1st in 125cc Beginner – Blackstock National’s – Canada, Placed 1st in the Paisley Race in Canada and another 1st place at Steel City for the 125 cc Beginner class.

Notable Achievement: Youngest to ever win the 80-cc Championship in Bermuda and 2nd rider in 9 years to win the 80-cc championship on a Kawasaki.  Dominated the 125cc Beginner class debuting on his new Suzuki RM125 in Canada.

2001/2002 Injured.

2002/2003 Placed 2nd overall in the 125B expert class in Bermuda.

2003/2004 Placed 2nd overall inthe 125B expert class in Bermuda.

2004/2005 placed 2nd overall in the 125B expert class in Bermuda.

2005/2006 Placed 1st overall in the 125B expert class in Bermuda.

2006/2007 Placed 4th due to colorbone injury.

2007/2008 Placed 2nd Overall in the 250 Expert Class

2008/2009 Placed 2nd overall in the 250 Expert Class

2009/2010 Earned Number 1 Plate in 250 Expert Class

2010/2011 placed 3rd overall(due to going usa to do LL qualifier and regional)