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Rider Updates

Dec 21 2015

2015/2016 UPDATE:

Big thanks to all those who sponsored me in 2015. I could not do this without your support!  ( Plano Kawasaki, Team Green, ProTaper, ProCircuit, NoToil, Ogio, Bell, Gaerne, Matrix, Leatt, GoPro, Rockwell, 100%, Motool, Dunlop, Split Designs).

So far most of my sponsors will be supporting me again this year. I look foward to our season in 2016!



Was a pretty rough season. Missed LL qualifyer due to Concussion which happend 3 weeks before Amsoil AX Championships. Didn't finish as well as I expected in Vegas but thats what injurys will do to you. Also broke some parts etc, again all part of the game. I still had fun and would not trade it for anything. Got my first Amsoil AX Podium in Iowa and followed with another in Austin. Meet some great friends and had a blast running around the country with them. I grew over 6 inches during the year and basically out grew my Supermini.


Been doing alot of work on the test track. Ran a few local races and starting to feel comfortable on the 250. Dad got all the goodies on the bike, and she is dialed in and ready to go for 2016.  First up is round 1 of the Texas Winter Series in 2 weeks @ Freestone! I plan to run the whole series unless we have an AX conflict due to weather. Amsoil AX qualifiers start in February as I try to make Vegas again for the 3rd year in a row.  I think it will be harder to reach Las Vegas on the big bike, but I plan to make it. I also will be trying to make my first trip to LL Championships in 2016. Big plans I know, but I have been working hard and will keep pushing as hard as I can.

Thanks again to all those who have helped me get to where I am today and where I am headed in the future!



Oct 5 2015

Oakhill yesterday on my new KX 250. Love the bike. Can't wait to race her. She is plain Jane right now...still waiting on Split Designs to answer so I can order my Graphics kit!!!

Jun 6 2014

Crashed yesterday @ River Valley. Ankle is pretty swollen, not sure how good I can ride Sat night. Guess we will see.

May 21 2014

My G10's just came in from Gaerne! They are super sweet! Trying them out at tonights practice. Thanks Gaerne!!!

May 20 2014

Just got my new Graphics for my Super Mini. They look great!. Thanks Dad for spending the time to make them right. Still Waiting on Pro Taper's answer so we can order our new bars and controls. May have jumped the gun on adding them to the Graphics, but keeping fingers crossed as these are the only bars for me :-). Already accepted by Dunlop, Matrix Concepts, and Gaerne. Boots are on the way, and Matirx equipment to be delivered on Thursday. Have to thank them all for supporting me and I hope to be a good representative for them.

May 18 2014

Thanks Adam for a great session! Look forward to Wed night for another training session @ Badlands MX.

May 4 2014

Vegas was awesome! Can't wait till next year. Hopfully I will have progressed and can compete for #1. Top 10 this year was my goal and as you can see from my schedule I made it. I did learn that my bike can jump the table without me :-). Was running in 7trh and  racing hard with another rider and missed a shift, had to hit the eject button ;(.