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Personal History

I have lived in Barnhart, Mo all of my life.  I have one brother Isaac and one sister Cijae.  They both love to ride as much as I do.  I have three dogs and a cat. I am in the 4th grade.  I like to go to school because I get to learn new things and help my teacher sometimes.  I am an A student and will try my best to be and A student always.  When I am not racing I like to play with brother and friends, we build our own motocross tracks and play on them with our toys.  I also like to play Xbox which is usually motocross games and I enjoy riding my bicycle.

Riding Goals

My goals for 2015 will be training hard to increase my endurance in order to do well at the AMA Loretta Lynn Qualifiers.  I will be attending Motocross Training camps and I will also continue to practice and work hard to improve my speed and skills.  I will continue to race as often as my parents can take me and hope to qualify for Loretta Lynn's Nationals.

Competitive Highlights

2012 Accomplishments: Currently 1st place in AMA District 18 MX Points Series 1st place at Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier District 18 Champion 50ccJr. 2nd place overall at the KTM Jr Supercross challenge in St.Louis 2014 Mid America MX Series 50cc 7-8 Champion Mid America MX Series 65cc 7-9 2nd place overall