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Rider Updates

Aug 13 2021

All packed up and ready to head down to Assiniboia to go racing tomorrow.

Aug 4 2021

I havebeen feeling pretty good on my new 20 kx65. was having a hard time touching the ground at first being g as short as I aim but like the G.O.A.T i have a pr2 lowering linkage system that helps me a ton with touching and being able to feel out the corners better.

Jul 7 2020

Finally getting to race again, be ready because first is mine this year, i have put in lots of practice laps and training hours as well as socking up on bike parts. i also stepped my game up and made a big move onto a kx65 to start on this year as well.

May 20 2020

Feeling really good on the ktm 50sx, finally starting to clear jumps and working hard on straight aways and holeshots while we have time off from the everything going on in the world. On the positive side i have a trailer for my bikes now and also got a kawi 65 to start getting ready for my next stage of my moto dream 

May 22 2019

Someone had broke into our garage and stole a much of our stuff so very upset

May 19 2019

Ethan was just getting started to the day and broke his throttle cable and couldn't make the second moto so we will see you in Weyburn and we will be making our comeback thanks to our sponsors as well for helping him look and feel good #ASVInventions, #ONeal, #FlowVision, #Spyoptics, #DeCalWorks, #RiskRacing, #ProCircut, #Factoryseat #FactoryBacking

May 18 2019

First race day of the season can be thrown in the trash. Ran an awesome practice and a great first race finishing in 4th or 3rd got a little mixed up waiting for results though as my throttle cable broke and I was unable to race the second moto and it broke my heart

May 14 2019

First race is this weekend I am so excited for it

Mar 24 2019

Having my 7th birthday party today and it is dirt bike themed my mom did an awesome job to make sure my friends would learn about motocross and how much fun it is. But my big day still isn't until the 30th so I have to wait to see if dad got me a new dirt bike or not???

Mar 8 2019

Countdown to my 7th birthday on the 30th mons is on the 24th and her and dad are trying to make my party a dirt bike party. I hope all my friends have as much fun as I will.

Feb 28 2019

The worst part about motocross is how right the funds get and it can be frustrating. Thank goodness for sponsors and we appreciate all the support we can get.

Feb 15 2019

Super excited for the upcoming season and looking forward to the great support from my sponsors ASV Inventions, O'Neal, Flow Vision, Spy optics, DeCal Works, Risk Racing, Pro Circut

Dec 21 2018

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our family to all our sponsors ASV, DeCal works, Flow Vision, Risk Racing, Spy Optics, Pro Circut. Thank you for your support. May the holidays bring you love and happiness.

Oct 25 2018

Extremely happy that I was able to place 4th overall the random weekend drop-ins won't get between me and the other competition next year and looking forward to that with my sponsors ASV, De-Cal works, Spy, Flow vision, Oneal and I look forward to a healthy happy season next year.

Oct 8 2018

Excited for the SCRC banquet on oct.20th i think i finished forth overall in the my first year and looking forward to next year with my new sponsors ASV, ONeal, Spy, DeCal Works

Sep 11 2018

Officially a part of ASV inventions and pumped about it

Sep 9 2018

Got a 2006 ktm 50sx sr for next year look out scrc