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Personal History

My name is Ethan Thedroff i am 9 years old. I started riding on a 3 wheeler at my grandpas farm when i was 4. my mom and dad bought me a PW50 to ride and then i moved on to a KTM 50 and now i have made my way up to the 65 class. I am in the 65cc class in Saskatchewan's SCRC, as well as some SMA events. I really enjoy motocross and would like to be a pro one day, I enjoy other sports like hockey and lacrosse as well but being able to go ride my dirt bike as much as I can with my uncles or dad is the best thing. My whole family is motocross passionate and everyone is always looking forward to going riding or race days when we get to spend quality time together as a family. i now have a younger sister Brinley who me and my parents think will follow in my footsteps to try and become a motocross pro. every year me and my dad watch Loretta Lynn's and talk about how cool it wold be to go to it someday and compete.

Riding Goals

every year, i want to beat what position i came in the year before. holeshots, corners, bigger jumps, keeping it pinned.

Competitive Highlights

1st year 2018: its my first year in motocross and my second year on a bike and I am going to hopefully finish my first season off in third against all KTM's, a 110 and a LEM and I' am on my pw

2nd year 2019: i started on my PW50. my third race i got to start riding my KTM 50cc. I came in 4th when the season was done.

3rd year 2020: I raced my KTM 50 and slowly made my way onto my 2016 kx65.