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Rider Updates

Sep 18 2018

Currently seeking 2019 Arenacross/Supercross sponsors to help me get my 1st national title ! Nitro Arenacross Series !AMA Amatuer Supercross

Jul 29 2018

We are now full time in the 7-8 50cc class enjoying our time progressing and reaching for goals every day . 11 straight moto win streak ended . Time to start a new one

Jun 12 2018

Secured the points lead in the 2018 Southern Supercross Series in 50cc 4-6 and 50cc open classes . Onwards to victory!

Apr 22 2018

Prepping for monster mountain southeast AQ

Apr 18 2018

Qualified 4th at Echo Valley Mx . On to Mideast regionals in Ohio

Apr 13 2018

Headed to Echo Valley Mx for our 1st attempt to qualify for LL .

Jan 19 2018

Gonna do some practicing at Millcreek this weekend to prepare for qualifiers coming up . We will be ready to drop the hammer down in the 4-6 limited class.

Jan 9 2018

Had a great weekend of racing. Went back to Cullman Al for Alabama Ax series and got 1st in 50cc 4-6 and 3rd in 50cc open 4-8. Overall i felt good all day and rode solid laps and concentrated on my technique and turn speed. Getting dialed in before Tampa SX and im super stoked for it

Dec 29 2017

Headed to Cullman Alabama for the Alabama Ax Series. Hoping to get some good seat time in this cold . Thanks to all my sponsors rolling into the 2018 season. Its going to be the busiest year for me .

Dec 4 2017

This past weekend I raced against some of the best 50cc riders and beat many kids who raced Loretta's this year . earned some good experience .I know now that I can compete for a top 10 at next years nationals . thanks to fastlap suspension , answer , protaper,viralbrand,gaerne,twinair,pirelli,justified cultures,matrix concepts and ma mafias racing team for all the help along the way

Nov 12 2017

Doing more training with Fastlap Suspension ! Looking to get both of my bikes dialed in and ready to get back ripping the 50cc 4-6 class. Thanks to all my sponsors . ANSWER , PROTAPER ,VIRAL BRAND, ASV, FASTLAP SUSPENSION, JUSTIFIED CULTURES , PANIC REV, MATRIX CONCEPTS, AND GAERNE

Nov 6 2017

Rd 2 of nitro arenacross didn't go as planned . Was running top 3 and a lapped t boned me and cosy me a podium finish . I ended up 11th overall . This week I'm doing some suspension testing with Fastlap Suspension and do some more training with Steve Hollingsworth . See you at the races

Oct 30 2017

Had the sweetest weekend training with Fastlap Suspensions Steve Hollingsworth and pro rider Heath Harrison for 2 days . I learned alot from him and my speed has already picked up .im headed to Cookeville Tn for Rd 2 of the Nitro Ax Tour and see if i can sneek my lil butt into the main and catch us a win !

Oct 18 2017

Getting my ride dialed in with Fastlap Suspension and getting myself comfortable before some great racing in November. I look forward to meeting Heath Harrisson at our best training camp . Shout out to all my sponsors . Special thanks to Answr, protaper , decalmx, Pirelli and viral brand goggles. You all are the best in the bizz.

Oct 15 2017

Wrapped up the southern Supercross series last night . Had some bad luck in both classes . I had the speed to win I just have to stay off the ground. Track conditions were very slick and I'm going to work more on turn speed because That's what bit me last night. I will be better and I will recover from my 3rd place overall in 50cc 4-6 and 4th place in open 50cc. Now to take a couple weeks off from racing and prepare for Arenacross . Gonna be a busy winter for us . Thanks to Answer , Viralbrand, protaper , Pirelli, Decalmx and all my sponsors that took care of me this year.

Sep 29 2017

We decided We are gonna take the weekend off for once and work on my practice track . Gonna build some new jumps . Good thing is that it's behind my house so you know I'll be out there playing every day. Got to work on arenacross training because it's rapidly approaching. I want to be mentally ready to dominate . Thanks to all my wonderful sponsors this season. In 2 weeks I'll be thanking you again when i receive my #1 plate for the 2017 Supercross Series . I went out and did what I wanted to accomplish and that was winning as much as possible .

Sep 19 2017

Oct 28th and 29th I'll be attending the Heath Harrisson Mx School . I can't wait! Just wrapped up my series Championship over thevweekebd. Hopefully my 1st of many . My confidence is at an all time high !

Sep 17 2017

Great weekend at Nimms finishing 1st in 50cc 4-8 and 4th in 50cc open. My new cobra cx50 is a beast . Thanks to all my support this year. 3 more races and the championship will be wrapped up if I can keep it up .

Sep 3 2017

Truly blessed to be able to test out the 2018 KTM 50 sx today with my brother. Waiting on a 2018 cobra CX50 to arrive . Not sure which brand to choose from . Gonna be difficult to pull me off the KTM.

Aug 31 2017

Shout out to EVS for keeping me safe year after year . Can't thank them enough for all they do .

Aug 28 2017

What a great weekend, finished 2nd overall in 50cc 4-6 and 4th overall in 50cc open class . Just purchased the new 2018 KTM 50sx so maybe now I can get better results in the open class . Thanks to all my sponsors especially Answer,protaper and viral brand goggles for helping me out this year .

Aug 23 2017

Just finished racing at 118 Supercross in the TMXAseries . Finished 2nd in 50cc 4-6 And felt good on my KTM . Shout out to Answer for keeping me looking good . Next week I have 2 races Saturday and Sunday. Wish me luck

Aug 1 2017

Raced at Powerline Supercross this past weekend . Finishing 3rd in 50cc 4-6 And 6th in 50cc 4-8. . Back to work we go !