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Personal History

Grew up in SoCal by San Bernardino, now in the beautiful mountains of northern cali/ southern Oregon, I loved racing and free riding all my life and will always continue to! It’s in my blood i can’t get away from it if I tried whether it’s taking the pit bike out to play around, the big bikes out for some sweet jumps, or even just hopping on my street bike to give street bikes for some sweet wheelies! Nothing says freedom like a motor powering some risky choices! 

Riding Goals

Main riding goals for me is always just to have fun and be kind, so many people have so much to offer when it comes to riding whether it comes to style, line choice, or even keeping momentum. Keeping that feeling you got from the first time you threw a leg over a bike and did something terrifying that you just have to do again just to see if you can do it better, that will always be my riding goal.

Competitive Highlights

Racing and riding with people that have pushed and continue to push me to my limits, nothings more of a highlight to me then getting the opportunity to improve with the people around me.