What Is is a sponsorship website to help riders get sponsorship discounts and deals from the top motocross companies in the world. Companies choose to offer riders exclusive discounts, deals and products to riders who help promote products and services. Companies use this site to manage the tens of thousands of requests they get each year for sponsorship. Companies use because they can sponsor thousands of riders easily from our software without all the paper work and manual entry. This allows more companies to offer more sponsorships to more riders. Everyone wins. For you the rider, you can build a profile and submit your profile for consideration to get sponsored. Our software makes your profile and information perfectly formatted and arranged for companies to manage sponsorship requests.

Do I Have To Race To Get Sponsored?

It depends on the sponsorship program and company. Some companies require that riders participate or compete in events. However, many companies have sponsorships available for riders of all types, abilities and skills - regardless if they race or not. Companies sponsor people to help them promote products and services. If you can do that for a company, then you'll get sponsored. The only way to find out is to submit your profile to companies and see.

Does it cost anything to signup?

No! Its absolutely free to signup and use until you get sponsored! You can sign up, build your online profile and resume, upload unlimited images, videos and race results, and submit as many resumes as you would like all for free. Only after you get sponsored and get the deals that you want, do we charge a one time yearly activation fee ($59.95) to upgrade your account to an ‘All Access’ account. It lets you get full access to view, download and sign your contracts. If you don’t get sponsored, you don’t pay a dime. You can keep your free membership and continue to submit resumes to sponsors for free until you to land the right deals.

How much is the All Access account?

The All Access account is $59.95 and unlocks the details of your contracts so you can sign them and gain access to ordering information and discount codes. It also puts you in direct communication with sponsors too. Everything else on the site is completely free. The good news is that you decide when to pay the $59.95. Also, the $59.95 fee covers ALL the sponsorship deals you can sign in 12 months from when you pay. The average rider signs over 15 deals and saves thousands of dollars. See a chart of the average rider savings on

Do You Need An All-Access Account for EACH Sponsorship I Get?

No, you only need to upgrade your account once. After that, you will enjoy 12 months of access to all your contracts, all your deals and information for one price. After you upgrade, you will not be bothered for 12 full months from the paid date.

Who Are You Guys?

We are just a bunch of racers like you who have gone through the sponsorship process for numerous years. We know the value of having good sponsors as well as difficulty in finding good ones. Our site exists to bridge that gap for you and we wanted to do it in a way that would cost nothing to submit and cost nothing if you got no reply. We love the sport and want to see it grow and we think this site will help do that. But simply, we are just normal guys putting in laps at the track.

Do You Process Resumes for Go-Carts, Road Bikes, Snowmobiles or anything else?

Not yet. But stay tuned.

I am a company and I want to be on your site:

Great. Give us a call at 1-888-977-6676 or email us at

I am a dealership. Do you accept dealerships and or small businesses as sponsors?

YES. We feel local dealerships are vital to the sponsorship industry. Please email us and we will happily get you set up to our system.

How Can I Get Involved?

More often than not, we hear people who want to be a part of what we are doing and help spread the word. You can help tell a friend by liking us on facebook or you can contact your local companies and tell them you want them to a part of site. If you want to get even more involved and be a part of the team of promoters and riders, give us a call or email us.