Virus International

Virus International - CA, US

Your athletic pursuits have corrupted you and you now will never be part of the "main stream". For some reason, you have abandoned the conventional trappings of society for a pursuit that leaves a good portion of the world wondering why you do what you do. You have put on hold or abandoned popular notions of success. You have put your body at risk of injury. You pursue a sport that is not accepted by or considered a sport by most. You train, you practice and you work hard to perfect and evolve your passion. Although you are forever seperate from main stream culture because of this passion, you are not alone.
You are VIRUS.

The action sports "individual" athlete has evolved into the brightest and best in the world. Training and performance are key to the sucess of these individuals and every little edge can make a big difference. VIRUS has sought to bring the most bleeding edge fabric technology to the action sport athlete. These fabrics help strengthen, cool, warm and protect during training to competing. With our foundation in performance fabric and active apparel - we now can bring the best of class in product to what we believe are the world's most exciting sports and dynamic athletes.

With years of technical apparel fabrication and the latest technology labratories - we are prepared to stand with those who stand alone.

One VS - The Individual VS the Elements. VIRUS - Technology and Performance