Stompgrip - Huntington beach, CA, US

STOMPGRIP Traction Pads make gripping your ride incredibly easy, requiring less energy to old on to the bike. Providing better bike control, this can drasticaly reduce arm pump and when compared to griptape will extend the life of your expensive riding gear. Custom designed to fit frames, gas tanks, side panels, air boxes, shrouds, and more. Check out our latest innovative product, the STOMPGRIP enhanced seat cover.

STOMP DESIGN Unlimited Inc. is currently celebrating its 13h year in business and is located in Huntington Beach, California. The company is made up of active individuals who ride motocross, snowboard, mountain bike, surf, skate, etc., constantly living the California lifestyle.

STOMP DESIGN is a unique company in the sporting goods accessory manufacturing market, we make the vast majority of our products ourselves; "Made in the USA". STOMP pioneered and is still the market leader in modern snowboard traction pads, and a major player in other snow accessories.

Because the owners are motorcycle racers and atv riders, we realized that we could take our technology to the next level in creating a superior alternative to grip tape. STOMP DESIGN developed STOMPGRIP Traction Pads and introduced yet another innovative product line, this time targeting the motorsports market.

The product is based on STOMP snowboard product materials and manufacturing technology. STOMPGRIP Traction Pads (patent pending) help you better grip your machine giving you greater control in all types of conditions. This will help you save energy and can enable you to ride harder, faster and longer.

STOMPGRIP is made of a pliable elastomer material molded into shape with traction knobbies that provide functional, non-abrasive grip. In addition the material is ultra-clear so it doesn't cover up graphics and sponsor stickers. The product is applied with the strongest 3-M peel-and-stick adhesive available. It comes packaged in pre-molded kits for each bike model or in a universal kit for custom cutting.

We design, engineer, tool make, manufacture, package, distribute, and market STOMPGRIP Traction Pads in-house in Huntington Beach, California USA.