Shift MX - Irvine, CA, US

Since 1997 SHIFT MX has been pushing the limits of style and performance. Led by our original ambassadors of Jeff Emig and Seth Enslow, we continue to do things on our own terms – no matter the cost. For over 20 years we have led the way in performance racewear and premium lifestyle apparel while helping grow the sport we all love. Utilizing one of the most dynamic teams in all of moto, ranging from OG freeride legends to your most serious supercross champion, we have developed gear built to perform at the top level of every type of riding.

Our product is second to none. Between our premium 3LUE Label, race-ready 3LACK Label, and our accessible WHIT3 Label gear lines there is a set made for everyone. Product innovation is at the core of our brand, and we hold our gear to the highest of standards. The same detail that goes into our premium offerings is carried through our entire line and the product we bring to market is then proven at the highest level through our athletes.

We are different. We are SHIFT.